Brand Institute

Brand Institute is a leading health care survey panel. It is also invloved in creating new brands. Brand Institute offers some interesting surveys to their members. Sometimes, you are asked to participate in the naming of new products. The incentives for participation are also great. Many of their surveys pay $10 to 15. Some specialized surveys, especially for health care workers, pay upto $50 or more.

Brand Institute pays after each completed survey. The options for payment are paypal and by cheque. You will receive payment 6 to 8 weeks after completing the survey.

You may not get frequent surveys from them, unless you are a doctor, nurse or pharmacist. But the reward offered is excellent compared to some other panels.

Click this link to join Brand Institute.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    I have yet to study so i cannot comment right now.

  2. tanvir says:

    i m interested in doing online surveys, i m running a placement consultancy in india having own office. my annual income is inr-200000

  3. sachin kumar says:

    hi i am sachin i like you your site i like to join you

  4. farzana says:

    hi…i would like to work with your surveys.

  5. deepak vishwakarma says:

    i like this website so
    i join this website

  6. yogesh says:

    i had completed my mbbs nd i wld like join like u,where my opinian get paid.

  7. p says:

    I would like to take online surveys. Pls adviseb the process & remeneration details.

  8. Muzakki says:

    First of all, I’m sorry to say, but I urge you wait until you are 16 or at least 18. Examination answers from the age gropus of 18-45 is what most surveys look for. Most of the sites ARE a scam.They say its all legitimate but once you sign up and take a few surveys, you any realize that you have to pay for a touch and in return you hear a small more than you payed after the assessment is taken. Also, sometimes they say you can earn up to $ 120 a day but what they really mean is you have the CHANCE. Some sites pay you points that you use to infiltrate in drawings that suggest itself everyday. Some cash prizes are up to $ 1,000 in these drawings.Don’t be sad though, here are legitimate ones. I remember finding one a even as ago that literally would pay you for each assessment you took and if you did product test gropus, you would even keep the item. This was one of the 3 out of hundreds I have checked out before to. I am a timely of get-rich-quick schemes.

  9. Narendra Kambli says:

    I would like to take online surveys. Pls adviseb the process & remeneration details.

  10. Manoranjan Jha says:


  11. Pinaki Chattopadhyay says:

    I like to join Brand Institute Survey.

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